USDA issued an optimistic forecast for cereals in Ukraine next season

Ukraine. Evaluations 2020/21 seasons were brought in line with the official results of the grain harvest, according to the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine. Wheat export to 2020/21 MG was reduced by 0,5 million tons to 17 million tonnes due to weak shipments.

According to the forecast, grain harvest in Ukraine in 2021/22 MG could be a record, reaching 77 million tons, analysts informUkrAgroConsult.

Russia and Kazakhstan. Estimates of grain production in the next season in Russia and Kazakhstan are approximately at the level 2020/21 MG, at the same time, the export potential may increase due to high carry-overs.

In this way, grain harvest in the Black Sea region in 2021/22 MG will grow (mainly due to the growth of production in Ukraine) on 5,8%, to 214,2 million tons, and the export potential will increase by 13,2% to 114,2 million tons.

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