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High quality grain is harvested in Ukraine!

Negative expectations for wheat quality due to rains did not materialize. That grain, which is coming in now - it is of very high quality. President of the Ukrainian Grain Association (IN FOR) Nikolai Gorbachev.
According to him, and wheat, which meets Ukrainian standards 4 class, enters with a full-scale weight of more than 770 g / l, sometimes 800 g / l.

“At the same time, the protein content is low, which does not give the right to be called food grain. While collecting grain with a protein index 9-10,5%. Of course, we refer it to 4 class, But at the same time, this is very good wheat ", - noted Nikolai Gorbachev.

He stressed, what according to the Ukrainian classification 11-12% squirrel is already third or second grade. In some carriages of grain, who are now entering the terminals, happens indicator 14% squirrel. Therefore, while the wheat is of good quality and experts do not see any risks.

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