Turkey increases corn imports

Turkey has been increasing corn imports in recent years, to ensure the active development of the poultry industry and the export of poultry meat.

As noted, for the period September 2019 - March 2020 years, Turkey imported almost 3 million tons of corn, what 87% more, over the same period last year, and on 146% more, than the average for previous 4 of the year.

Trade Flow Models Show, that during the first 7 months of the current marketing year of the country of the Black Sea region (Ukraine and Russia) plus Romania delivered to Turkey in total 90% more corn, than for the same period last year, and 2 times more, than the average of the previous four years. In this way, during the first seven months 2019/2020 marketing year Ukraine (with share 50%), Romania (22%) and Russia (17%) dominated the supply of corn to Turkey with a combined market share of almost 90%.

Turkey is a pretty important market for selling corn from Ukraine, Russia and Romania. for example, in season 2018/19 Turkey was the fifth largest importer of Ukrainian corn with a share of about 8% in total exports.

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