Forecasts for Grain Harvest and Export for the New Season Improved.

Ukraine may repeat last year’s record grain harvest. Gross harvest of grains and oilseeds will reach 98 million tons, and export – 58500000 t. Wherein, greater export of cereals and oilseeds is forecasted – forecast increased from 57200000 tons to 58500000. t. UGA predicts an increase in gross grain yield due to possible record high corn yields in the new season. Besides, May rains significantly improved the condition of wheat.
The forecast for the wheat crop in the next marketing year has improved and will reach 26800000 t, while exports may be around 18 million tons. It will be the second wheat crop after last year’s record. Recall, at 2019 Ukraine has grown a record wheat crop – 28200000 t, and export to 2019/2020 MG will be about 20500000 t.
Maize crop forecast improved in May report and gives hope for a new absolute crop record in 37300000 t, upon export – 30 million tons. The previous corn crop record in Ukraine is set in the current season – collected 35200000 t, with possible export about 29 million tons.

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