Year "queen of fields": whether to wait for the harvest of the new record corn

A record maize harvest this year due to an increase in crop yields, experts explained

According to the results 2018 of the year Ukraine reached the historic milestone of grain production, which was confirmed by the recently published final report of the State Statistics Service. characteristically, that half of the crop was corn.

"Such performance has been achieved by increasing the productivity of maize - with 5,4 t / ha 2017/2018 marketing year (MG) to 7,7 t / ha 2018/2019 MG. As a result,, corn production has increased from 24 million tons in 2017/2018 mg 35 million tons in 2018/2019 MG ", - said the Ukrainian Grain Association (IN FOR).

A significant increase analysts UGA yields due to favorable weather conditions.

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There expect a good result from the corn and 2019/2020 MG. In this acreage will remain at current levels - about 4,6 million hectares.

"Perhaps the decrease in corn production 2019/20 mg 27,4 million tons (at 2018/19 MG - 35 million tons). but, comparing the potential yield from previous years, we can have a second [in count] Corn harvest in the history of Ukraine ", - According to the press service of the.

Efficiency of collection and maize yields increased sharply since the end of the zero. Around since farmers began to actively cultivate the culture, analysts say UGA.

Overall, the gross harvest of grains and oilseeds in 2019/2020 MG expect at UGA 85 million tons, and Ukraine will send to export about 48 million tons.

In this way, say farmers, Ukraine moves to overcome a higher threshold to 2022 year - to produce more 100 million tons of grain and export more 70 million tons.

However, experts warn: in, Ukraine sowed areas mainly in two crops - corn and wheat, - there are certain risks. Monoculture production causes the accumulation of soil pests and diseases.

Recall, despite, that the outcome 2018 year reduced export of Ukrainian grain to 41,7 million tons, Ukrainian farmers have earned it a record amount - 7,2 billion.

experts believe: Agricultural exports could bring Ukraine even more benefits. The price of products is highly dependent on the degree of processing, because the country is more profitable to sell the finished branded products, rather than raw, which will be spent on re-export after processing in other countries.


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