In Ukraine completed the spring sowing campaign

According to preliminary information, area under crops of agricultural crops in all categories Ukraine's farms for the harvest 2019 g. ranges 27,7 million hectares, or at the level of 2018 g.

In particular, crops sown on the area of 14,8 million hectares, technical - 9,2 million hectares, which is also the same as last year. Structure of sown areas in recent years, is optimized and does not undergo significant changes.

"Given the progress of spring sowing and wintering of winter crops, can expect, the harvest of early grain 2019 g. It will not be lower than last year. High rates of yields are the result of the dynamic development of all links of the agricultural production, among them one of the most important is to ensure that manufacturers of modern varieties of plants. Ukrainian breeders are constantly working on breeding new varieties with high productivity, adaptability to stress factors, in particular, high resistance to diseases, hardiness, heat resistance and drought ", - said Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Volodymyr Topchiy.

The press service of Ministry of Agrarian Policy

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