Ukrzaliznytsia plans to increase freight rates in 2019 year

Ukrzaliznytsia company plans to raise freight rates. The first stage is planned to indexation 1 February 2019 year 16,6%, further indexing step will be for 2,5% with 1 May, with 1 August and from 1 November 2019 of the year.

This was announced by Acting. Chairman of the Board of Railways Eugene Kravtsov.

"The tariff will be indexed automatically and, Moreover, more than once a year, and quarterly on small changes in performance. One side, it gives predictability to Ukrzaliznytsia regarding, which means we'll get in the long run. On the other hand it allows private operators, private clients to understand, What will the tariff policy of Railways is not in the next three months or six months, and for many years ahead in line with macroeconomic indicators ", - he said.

At the same time, he noted, that the question of the possibility of raising tariffs for passenger transportation is still under discussion, wherein, when dealing with passenger fares will be taken into account the economic situation in the state and the citizens the possibility to pay for changes in tariffs.

"We want to move away from the situation, when we are in negotiations manually every year on a strange, unpredictable level raise freight rates. We propose to introduce a system, when (increase is - Ed.) automatically at the level of macro-economic indicator ", - said Kravtsov.

According to him, Ukrzaliznytsia if the offer is accepted, rate will be indexed automatically, and more than once a year, and quarterly on small figures, according to the changes in the last quarter of the index of industrial producer prices.

"Producer Price Index is an objective, it is calculated by the Ministry of Economy and the State Statistics Committee, depending on the year, such as last year it was 16,3%, This year, too,, about, 16%”, - said Kravtsov.

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