Ukraine. The weather conditions are favorable for winter crops

Precipitation in the form of snow observed at the beginning and at the end of the decade. Their number varied in the southern areas ranging from 1,8 to 3,6 mm (17% ten-day norm), in the western regions of 14,4 to 20,3 mm (127% ten-day norm).

The height of snow cover on fields with winter crops increased in the central, western and northern regions to 1,5-2,3 cm, the rest of it was from 2 to 5 cm.

As of 20 in December the minimum temperature of the soil at the depth of the tillering node was 10 Below zero. High snow (to 18 cm) winter protects against the penetration of low temperatures into the soil. but, combined with the absence of low air temperatures, this led to a decrease in the depth of soil freezing with 2-4 cm 0-1 cm, as well as the increase in the minimum temperature at the tillering node depth of bedding to 00 WITH. Long term occurrence of such a high enough snow cover during the frozen or thawed shallow soil can provoke winter damping off. The risks of this negative phenomenon manifest, If a deep snow cover will continue for 2-3 decades.

Determination of the content of carbohydrates accumulated in the plant tillering nodes found, that their number at the beginning of the winter season is high enough. it was 37-42 % in winter wheat, grown after fallow, and 36-38 % after nonfallow predecessors.

According to the NSC "Institute of Agriculture NAAS" winter wheat this year, we entered the winter, being on stage II organogenesis (phase kushteniya). plant height 16- 21 cm. Good condition of crops.

Generally, weather conditions during the second decade of December were satisfactory for the wintering of winter crops, and their condition compared to last week has not changed.

Negative effects for overwintering winter oilseed rape for decades was not observed. Plants are able to winter dormancy.

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