Snow and frost delay harvesting soybeans and corn

The focus of traders was initially drawn to snow and freezing weather, slowing the harvest in eastern Midwest, and long rainfall in Brazilian soybean production regions, that impede sowing. Про це повідомляє

In western Midwest while dry weather promotes the gathering of soybean and corn, but since Monday it will begin disgrace snow and rain, which in the eastern part of last Thursday and has already stopped the harvest work. Improving weather in the middle of the week will resume harvesting.

In the southern plains in winter wheat growing regions dry frosty weather adversely affect crops, which has not received the stairs.

Precipitation in Brazilian soybean crops promote development. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, Opals will continue next week.

Strong rains in the central part of Argentina washed away crops of soybean and corn, so maybe they will have peresiyuvaty. From rain damaged wheat crop, collection is currently ongoing. Dry weather this week will speed up the harvest work.

Projected strong rains in the coming days in eastern Australia will reduce the impact of drought on plants, but can not save the damaged wheat crops.

Dry and cool weather in Ukraine allows complete corn. However, lowering the temperature to 10-12 ° C can damage the winter wheat crops, are not yet covered by a layer of snow.

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