Manufacturers favor the postponement of the fuel administration law

Taxpayers are objectively unable to meet standards law №2628, which comes into force in July 2019 of the year. Manufacturers call transfer entry into force of the relevant rules, to develop a more consistent quality of changes in the current legislation.

For a delay of the law made by the participants of the roundtable "Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs" (farmers, representatives parliament, the union of metallurgists and other).

they noted, that the law is no approved and published by the forms for registration of payers of excise tax and excise warehouses, as well as other necessary regulatory documents.

Besides, It needs time, to carry out technical equipment and training infrastructure for the transmission of data on daily volumes produced and sold fuel. It means, that the introduction of the new system requires a large investment and material resources.

Also, the introduction of a new mechanism violates one of the basic principles of tax law: equality of all before the law payers. After all, for the direct fuel market participants (fuel producers, which have direct relevance to the deferment of metering equipment, counters) provided favorable conditions for the administration of fuel compared to the more stringent conditions for the final fuel consumers.

The roundtable participants urged to support the bill "On Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine and some other laws of Ukraine to improve the administration of certain taxes and levies" (registration number 10212 from 09.04.2019 city). This document assumes a delay introduction of the excise tax administration system.

According to the press service materialas USPP.

Recall, Verkhovna Rada voted for bill №10359 to postpone the imposition of fines for possession of farmers fuel without licensing.

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