Predict the effects of drought on the harvest of winter - early. expert opinion

Conclusions and future forecasts harvest of winter crops to do a bit premature. Even more so - to talk about hypothetical losses due to drought and abnormally warm autumn.

Такое мнение в комментарии для АgrоР высказал аналитик компании «АПК-Информ» Андрей Купченко.

According to him, everything will depend on overwintering crops, which for the future harvest will, perhaps, the most critical period.

"As of 31 October wheat crop for harvest in Ukraine 2020 g. They were formed at 5822,8 thousand. it, when the projected area 6230 thousand. it. In this case, the current figure of less than 3% inferior to the same period last year. for example, as of 31 October 2018 g. it was sown 5981 thousand. by ", — отметил он.

He added, what, Besides, it is necessary to take into account the features of the account. Not all companies report in time. for example, as of 31 November 2017 g. the harvest 2018 g. zaseyali 5942,9 thousand. it, and the actual winter wheat accounted for 6273,6 thousand. it.

"In this way, it could be considered, that the expected reduction in this year's wheat crop is in the range of average annual fluctuations. Yes, sure, sowing was carried out at a sufficiently adverse conditions, but the development of agricultural technologies allows getting better each year to compensate for the negative weather factor ", — добавил Купченко

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