On the basis of the first step route formed Transithub

During the first working-line platform Transithub, participants of the grain market has managed to form a first-stage route. The pioneers, who formed the joint administration of the company became the member of Ukrainian Grain Association - "Kernel" and «Almeida Group LLC». This was during a presentation of representatives Transithub service Developer, which was held at the conference hall of UGA.

In particular, the first step on the route Transithub based service will be held in the period from 10 by 20 January 2019 of the year, at the following stations - Kabanie (498905) — 24 cars, Rubezhnoe (498708) — 30 car, The reference station - Svatovo. Polygon 1, Destination station - Black Sea (403002).

"We have seen first hand, Transithub that the project provides an opportunity to maximize the use of linear elevators, which technically can not engage in full-load routes. The possibility of formation of such acts shipments will contribute to efficient operation of agricultural enterprises and trading companies, faced with a number of logistical problems ", - said the head of the member companies UGA «Almeida Group LLC» Maxim Volchenko.

Head of department of maintenance of rolling stock "Kernel" Mikhail Kravchenko added, These experiences - quite positive under the current situation, the logistics of transportation of grain.

"Only the first test week, and it has managed to successfully form the first step route in accordance with all requirements of the CTL. We continue to work together to solve the problem of logistics in Ukraine and invite all the participants of the grain market to take up the online platform Transithub ", - added Mikhail Kravchenko.

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