Grain exports exceeded 20 million tons

Since the beginning of the current marketing year, Ukraine exported more 20,6 million tons of cereals, in particular, more 9,7 million tons of wheat (including food - almost 6 million tons, fodder - more 3,7 million tons), barley - 3 million tons, Corn - more 7,3 million tons.

Such data are the phytosanitary safety Department, Control of Seed Gospotrebsluzhby.

It was exported for the same period of the previous marketing year more 19 million tons of grain, in particular, more 10,7 million tons of wheat (including food - 5,9 million tonnes of feed wheat and more 4,8 million tons), barley - more 3,6 million tons, corn - 4,1 million tons ).

It was also in the framework of the current marketing year exported more 2,8 million tons of oilseeds, It corresponds to last year's level.

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