86% sowing of winter crops are in good condition

As of 17 December Ukrainian agrarians sowed winter crops on the area of 7.1 million hectares (99%) the forecast 7.2 million hectares.

winter grain crop survey shows, that shoots are obtained on the area 6.9 million hectares (97%). So, in good and satisfactory condition 6.0 million hectares (86%), in a weak and liquefied - 0.9 million hectares (14%).

Besides, sown with 1.03 million hectares of winter rape seedlings obtained in the square 1.0 million hectares (99%). In a good and satisfactory condition 984 thousand. it (92%), in a weak and liquefied - 87 thousand. it (8%).

Compared with last year's figures, current shoots of crops for the harvest 2019 They are in better condition. So, 2017 year on the same date in a weak and liquefied was 19% winter crops and 13% winter rape.

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